Hello Rebel, in order for us to provide you and our other members the very best service and experience, you will need to adhere to the Rules listed herewith and Rebel Code in club. Please take a moment to read through them carefully.

By using our studio/facility, you promise to:

  • Respect our facility
  • Respect our procedures
  • Respect our teams
  • Respect our customers
  • Respect our product


By using our studio/facility you promise not to:

  • Harass, threaten, or defraud other users
  • Make unsolicited offers, advertisements, proposals, or send junk mail to users
  • Impersonate another person or access another user’s account
  • Share passwords with any third party or encourage any other user to do so
  • Permit third parties to use any classes booked under your membership

HIITREBEL shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to your property within our premises, whether or not such property was brought into the premises by you or otherwise.

  • HIITREBEL staff are not all medically qualified doctors.
  • We recommend that you consult a certified medical physician before embarking on your fitness journey with us to ensure you are physically and mentally ready to participate in our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.
  • For safety reasons, you are expected to conduct yourself correctly while using our facilities and equipment.
  • HIITREBEL will not be held liable for any injury or loss you may suffer at our studio/s.
  • Before embarking on your fitness journey, you are advised to seek medical approval from your doctor to ensure you are physically and mentally fit to join a gym and participate in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Sessions.

  • You must be over the age of 16 years in order to attend any of our classes. Members below the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by their parent/guardian unless otherwise approved by the management.
  • You agree to comply with our Class Rules which you can see online and Rebel Code which is posted in club.
  • Instructors and Classes are subject to change with reasonable notice and updates.
  • We reserve the right to refuse your access to our studios and facilities, and suspend or terminate your use of our services if we deem that your conduct is damaging in any way to our reputation, or is a breach of our T&C’s, Rebel Code or any other conditions posted, including any act that would otherwise not be in the best interests of our other users/participants at our facility.
  • We reserve the right to deny your entry/participation of a class if we feel you are unfit to join the class. This may include your conduct at the time of access.

  • Before you are able to book yourself into a class, you will be required to purchase one or more credits available on our website. Each credit may be used to book into any one of our classes. (HIIT, RIDE or BOXING)
  • All packages are available on our website hiitrebel.com under the drop down, “REBEL PACKAGES”. Should you require any assistance in better understanding our options available, please feel free to contact or visit us directly.
  • Please note that Credits and/or Class Bookings may not be transferred to or used by anyone other than yourself, unless otherwise stipulated in the T&C’s or approved by Management.
  • Credits are non-refundable unless otherwise approved by Management.

  • All bookings may be done via our website under the drop down “SESSIONS” or via our HIITREBEL APP which may be downloaded for Apple and Android users.
  • Bookings are subject to availability. Once a class is fully booked you will have the option to waitlist yourself for that particular class and will receive an email notification should a spot open up. Please note that we are not able to guarantee a spot in every class as each class has a maximum capacity to ensure the safest and best possible user experience.
  • Should you wish to cancel a booking, please ensure that you do so 8 hours or more before the start of your class. If not, you will forfeit the credit used for your booking.
  • Should a class be cancelled for any reason, your credits will be refunded.
  • Should you arrive late for any class you may be refused entry. This will be at the sole discretion of the Rebel Crew on duty. For clarity, if you arrived one minute before a class and still needed to get changed or wrap your hands, our team may deduce that you will not be able to be ready on time for the class and decide not to allow you access to the facility. This includes but is not limited to the changerooms.
  • Members should arrive at the studio 15 minutes before each class starts to ensure they are physically and mentally ready for their class.
  • Please note that HIITREBEL Boutique Gyms SDN BHD will not be held liable if you are unable to locate the studio and attend your class on time. If you are unsure where the studio is or how to get there, please watch the videos posted on our social platforms or call the studio to assist you.
  • All members should arrive 15 minutes before their class to ensure they are ready and in the designated studio by the times the door closes. If not, you may be refused access to the class and the facility. For clarity, arriving on the dot, or a minute before may result in you being denied access. This will be done at the discretion of the Rebel Crew on duty.
  • If you would like to freeze your account, there will be an administrational fee of RM 25 per week or RM 100 per month.
  • For any enquiries please reach out to our Customer Service at info@hiitrebel.com