Will my membership be frozen during club closures/lockdowns?

All memberships and packages will be automatically frozen should we be forced to close by the government. Your package expiry date will automatically be extended in line with the length of the closure, and no membership payments will be deducted.

Do members share equipment when working out?

As from April 1st 2022, Malaysia has announced that it will be moving into the Endemic phase and therefore it will be possible to implement certain SOP’s internally that allow for sharing of equipment in our HIIT classes, provided that members use the disinfectant sprays and cloths to wipe down equipment in between each set.


In relation to Ride classes, all members will have their own bikes and weights, and as for Boxing classes, all members will have their own bags and gloves/weights so no need for sharing here…

Where are you located?

Our flagship studio is located in the heart of Mont Kiara, in the prestigious Kiara 163 Sovo. You can find us at Level 3A, 2a, Jalan Bukit Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, above The Social/Kids Zone.


For ease of reference us the lower level parking bays and park in or nearby coulombs A-C. The just use one of 6 elevators to come straight up to Level 3A.

What should I bring with me?

Your top drawer motivation! We have the rest, from beautiful and spacious lockers with combination locks (no need to bring your own padlock), to state of the art changeroom facilities with everything needed to get you ready post workout. Enjoy a shower in our tropical rain showers and don’t skip a beat with our cosmetic stations designed to ensure your every need is met…

Do you have food/water/drinks?

We offer a range of items from Red Bull to fuel your energy prior to your workout, to delicious Protein Shakes post workout which ensure maximum results. We also sell bottled water if you prefer your water chilled and provide water taps for members who prefer using their own bottles for refill.

What kind of sessions/workouts do you provide?

HIITREBEL currently offers 3 types of workouts to ensure you hit your whole body effectively!


RIDE (lower body focus)

Our Ride classes target your legs and aim to build your cardiovascular ability, ensuring your legs loo great while you minimise your risk of common health related issues faced by millions around the world.


BOXING (upper body focus)

Boxing ensures you focus on your upper body from the waist up, specifically your arms and triceps area. It’s also an amazing hand to eye coordination tool and forces you to engage your mind throughout the workout which assist with keeping your brain sharp and fresh.


GET” HIIT (focuses on toning/building whole body)

Our HIIT classes hit different muscles groups each time to ensure sustained growth of your body whilst dramatically increasing your fitness level. It also focuses on ensuring your body burns calories for hours after your workout…

What do you provide for each session?

HIIT – Training/bath towels.

RIDE – Cleats (shoes), training/bath towels.

BOXING – Wraps, gloves, training/bath towels.


Note – we use a UVC wand to ensure our towels are CORONOVIRUS FREE.

When should I arrive before my session?

You should arrive 15 minutes before each session in order for us to ensure you have the best possible experience. There are a number of things to get through to ensure your safety and ours so please be considerate and arrive in a timely fashion.

What happens if I turn up late?

Once the session starts and the doors close, you will not be able to access the class or use the facilities.

Do you offer private group/corporate classes?

Yes we do! Get in touch with us now to learn more… info@hiitrebel.com

We also have a full boardroom (seating capacity for 20) which may be booked online for meetings etc.

How do I purchase sessions?

You may head to our MEMBERSHIP tab on the website or mobile APP and view/purchase the options available.

First Timer?

We offer a TRIAL REBEL package of 3 sessions for newbies. This allows you to try each module we offer (RIDE | BOXING | HIIT) to explore further where your passion lies.

What is the difference between a package and a membership?

Packages are a single, or number of sessions that may be used on or before their expiry date. They offer longer validity dates than memberships and are destined for members who need a little more flexibility when using their sessions.

Memberships are monthly packages which renew every 30 days and offer a set number of sessions which need to be used within the renewable cycle. The membership benefit is that you get more sessions for your purchase, as it renews automatically each month, however it can be cancelled at any stage.

Note - If you finish your membership sessions within the 30 day cycle, you will need to have a package to top up the remaining sessions you plan to do until your membership renews.

What happens if you need to close due to Coronavirus etc.?

If the studio needs to close for whatsoever reason, all packages and memberships will remain frozen until our reopening.

Can I extend the expiry of my package?

Yes you absolutely can extend the validity of your package by 1 month by topping up RM100.

How do I book a session?

Once you have purchased your membership or package, you are now ready to start booking your sessions either via the website, or our APP.

Head to SESSIONS on our website or CLASSES on the APP to book in now!

What happens if I want to book a session but the class is full?

As a member you may waitlist yourself for classes, and if someone happens to book out, you will automatically be added to the class and notified by email.

How will I know which spot is mine?

We have opted not to use spot/number bookings as sometimes when coming with a friend or loved one, it’s easier to just allow members to find their pod, bag or bike as the doors open prior to the start of the class, to ensure you can sit together.

We have found that with spot bookings its sometimes more complicated to keep friends together.

Can I let a friend use my session if I cannot make it for class on time?

Yes, provided you booked your class with a package, and not a trial membership or monthly membership. The latter are both not transferable/sharable in any way.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes you can. Its RM25 per week or RM100 per 30 day cycle. Just email us on info@hiitrebel.com so out team can take care of your freeze.

What happens if I want to cancel a session?

We operate with an 8 hour cancellation window. This means that if you do not cancel your class 8 hours or more ahead of your session, you will lose your credit used to book the class.

What happens if I don’t show?

The same logic applies as the class cancellation, you will lose your credit used to book the class and it will not be credited back to your account.

Can I workout if I am pregnant?

It’s always best to seek medical advice from your doctor before proceeding with any exercise program. We have found that in many cases, a healthy exercise regime is often recommended when no foreseen complications are prevalent.

How can I apply for a job with HIITREBEL?

Please visit our Recruitment Page here to find our more on how you can qualify and apply for a position with us.

Do you offer franchising opportunities?

HIITREBEL values sustainable growth over footprint. Therefore we are open to taking on Franchisees who meet certain criteria. Should you wish to find out more you can email us on info@hiitrebel.com