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"Look Alive!"

ϖ Former Martial Arts Gold Medalist ϖ Boxing Certified (Los Angeles) ϖ Ride Certified (UK) ϖ Certified Trainer (UK) ϖ Certified Muay Thai Instructor (MY) ϖ In love with Dark Chocolate and Red Wine ϖ UFC & Boxing crazy A supercharged fitness athlete who’s been in the industry for more than 2 decades. Dino loves strength, functional and HIIT training and is excited to get you rumbling in our world! Originally hailing from South Africa, and having worked across multiple regions, this father of 2 is a lover of fitness and ready to take you to the twilight zone… If you are keen to step in the ring or cycling studio and go the distance, book your bike/bag and get ready to rock! Night Club meets fight club baby!

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